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Three common misconceptions about aged care fees

The aged care system is an extremely complex maze.  The most important aspect of the whole process is to make sure your loved one makes a smooth transition into the most suitable accommodation.  Whilst assisting many clients find their way through the … Continue reading

Expensive Mistakes

by Jim Parker There are two ways of learning. You can be taught how to do something correctly or you can be shown the consequences of doing it wrong. In the world of investment, it’s a lot cheaper to learn … Continue reading

The Basics in Understanding Aged Care

At some stage, most of us will be faced with difficult decisions on aged care either personally or for a family member. Entry into a Residential Aged Care Facility can have a very significant impact on our emotional state and … Continue reading

Centrelink Update – September 2012

As seen in FIFTY PLUS NEWS As you may be aware, social security rates and thresholds are adjusted on a regular basis.  Whenever there are changes it is a good time to check your eligibility.  You may find that you … Continue reading


Travel Tips on a Retirees Budget

As seen in FIFTY~PLUS NEWS When retired or approaching retirement, our minds often turn to the way we might spend all the extra free time.  One aspect that is often part of a retirement plan is to do some travelling.  However, travelling … Continue reading

Think You’ve Secured Your Retirement? Think Again…

As seen in FIFTY~PLUS NEWS I want to alert you to an issue that relates to your children, but could also lead to your own financial ruin if not taken seriously.  It is something that is not only about helping your children, … Continue reading